Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting Ready to Pack..

Ok, so I told you I would show you some photos of my MESS!
Getting ready to pack is no fun - at least for me.  I'm always so worried I don't have enough or I have too much, or I don't have the right I lay it all out, change my mind about a dozen times, throw in some things I'll never need & voila - I'm done.
Which clothes should I pack??  How many outfits?

Jewelry to go with the outfits & Camera & Lenses, Chargers & flash drives....

And let's not forget the laptop, name badge, money & credit cards, ID and for me - ya see that blue folder - yes that would be work!  Even though I am on vacation, I still have to take work with me.

Well tomorrow I will do a little stamping with some friends in the morning & then home to set up my Stampin' Craft Space for a Christmas in July class that I will be holding the Saturday after I get home.  I still have space for that class so if you are interested, the class is 5 projects for $15 on Saturday, July 28th from 12 noon until ?? 

After that it's onto packing and making a few Birthday Cards - so wish me luck!!

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