Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well it's been a wonderful Christmas at my house.  I hope that you & your families are enjoying the end of a beautiful Christmas weekend.  I traveled all the way across the street to my neighbor's to spend the day with the Berry's.  What a fabulous day - I could not have asked for more. What a joy to watch the children open their gifts....

Coming down the stairs to see the first gifts from Santa!

Ohh - some nail's a girl thing!!
Merlin after Jonesin' on some cat nip!!
Emily with her new back pack - well it seems the back pack is bigger than Emily, but she assured everyone that she can handle it!!  All this at two!!  How cute??
And - all the kids rockin' out with their new guitar jams!!  How much FUN....thanks Grandma!  It was truly a rockin' day!

Jen, Matt & Lorren...I cannot begin to thank you for providing me with a lovely Christmas - I sure had a fun day.  Hope you are recovering & getting a chance to rest today!! 

To everyone else - hope you had a joyous Christmas & may you have a happy & healthy New Year!! 

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